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Data Scientists in Software Teams: State of the Art and Challenges - TSE 2018

What Makes a Great Manager of Software Engineers? - TSE 2018

Characterizing Software Developers by Perceptions of Productivity - ESEM 2017

Characterizing Software Engineering Work with Personas Based on Knowledge Worker Actions - ESEM 2017

Design Recommendations for Self-Monitoring in the Workplace: Studies in Software Development - CSCW 2018

How do Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of Requirements Engineering Research? An Ongoing Study - ESEM 2017

Master Maker: Understanding Gaming Skill through Practice and Habit from Gameplay Behavior - topiCS 2017

Ramp-up Journey of New Hires: Do strategic practices of software companies influence productivity? - ISEC 2017

"What Went Right and What Went Wrong": An Analysis of 155 Postmortems from Game Development - ICSE 2016 SEIP Track

Belief & Evidence in Empirical Software Engineering - ICSE 2016

Beliefs, Practices, and Personalities of Software Engineers: A Survey in a Large Software Company - CHASE 2016

How Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of ESEM Research - ESEM 2016

The Emerging Role of Data Scientists on Software Development Teams - ICSE 2016

An Empirical Investigation of a Genetic Algorithm for Developer’s Assignment to Bugs - NasBASE 2015

Build it yourself! Homegrown Tools in a Large Software Company - ICSE 2015

Do topics make sense to managers and developers? - EMSE 2015

How Practitioners Perceive the Relevance of Software Engineering Research - ESEC/FSE 2015

Products, Developers, and Milestones: How Should I Build my N-Gram Language Model (Industry Track) - ESEC/FSE 2015

Quantifying Developers’ Adoption of Security Tools - ESEC/FSE 2015

Ramp-up Journey of New Hires: Tug of War of Aids and Impediments - ESEM 2015

The Design Space of Bug Fixes and How Developers Navigate It - TSE 2015

The Uniqueness of Changes: Characteristics and Applications - MSR 2015

Understanding the Test Automation Culture of App Developers - ICST 2015

What Drives People: Creating Engagement Profiles of Players from Game Log Data - CHI PLAY 2015

An Empirical Study of Refactoring Challenges and Benefits at Microsoft - TSE 2014

Analyze This! 145 Questions for Data Scientists in Software Engineering - ICSE 2014

Cowboys, Ankle Sprains, and Keepers of Quality: How Is Video Game Development Different from Software Development? - ICSE 2014

Extrinsic Influence Factors in Software Reliability: a Study of 200,000 Windows Machines - ICSE 2014

Mining Energy Traces to Aid in Software Development: An Empirical Case Study (Industry Track) - ESEM 2014

Off With Their Assists: An Empirical Study of Driving Skill in Forza Motorsports 4 - FDG 2014

Persuasive Technology in the Real World: A Study of Long-Term Use of Activity Sensing Devices for Fitness - CHI 2014

Software Developers’ Perceptions of Productivity - FSE 2014

The First Hour Experience: How the Initial Play can Engage (or Lose) New Players - CHI PLAY 2014

Understanding and Improving Software Build Teams - ICSE 2014

Distributed Development Considered Harmful? - ICSE 2013 SEIP Track

Diversity in Software Engineering Research - ESEC/FSE 2013

Dwelling in Software: Aspects of the felt-life of engineers in large software projects - ECSCW 2013

Have Agile Techniques been the Silver Bullet for Software Development at Microsoft? - ESEM 2013

Improving Developer Participation Rates in Surveys - CHASE 2013

Mastering the Art of War: How Patterns of Gameplay Influence Skill in Halo - CHI 2013

Predicting Method Crashes with Bytecode Operations - ISEC 2013

Revival Actions in a Shooter Game - DESVIG 2013 (CHI Workshop)

The Design of Bug Fixes - ICSE 2013

A Field Study of Refactoring Challenges and Benefits - FSE 2012

Assessing the Value of Branches with What-if Analysis - FSE 2012

Characterizing and Predicting Which Bugs Get Reopened - ICSE 2012 SEIP Track

Collaborative Software Development in Ten Years: Diversity, Tools, and Remix Culture - FutureCSD 2012

Data-Driven Games User Research - CHI-GUR 2012

Goldfish Bowl Panel: Software Development Analytics - ICSE 2012 SEIP Track

Information Needs for Software Development Analytics - ICSE 2012 SEIP Track

Relating Requirements to Implementation via Topic Analysis - ICSM 2012

The Effect of Branching Strategies on Software Quality - ESEM 2012

“Not My Bug!” and Other Reasons for Software Bug Report Reassignments - CSCW 2011

A Theory of Branches as Goals and Virtual Teams - CHASE 2011

An Empirical Study of the Factors Relating Field Failures and Dependencies (Industry Track) - ICST 2011

An Explanatory Analysis on Eclipse Beta-Release Bugs Through In-Process Metrics - WoSQ 2011

An Integration Resolution Algorithm for Mining Multiple Branches in Version Control Systems (Industry Track) - ICSM 2011

Empirical Software Engineering at Microsoft Research (Showcase Paper) - CSCW 2011

Failure is a Four-Letter Word: A Parody in Empirical Research - PROMISE 2011

Local vs Global Models for Effort Estimation and Defect Prediction - ASE 2011

The Inductive Software Engineering Manifesto: Principles for Industrial Data Mining - MALETS 2011

Analytics for Software Development - FoSER 2010

Change Bursts as Defect Predictors - ISSRE 2010

Characterizing and Predicting Which Bugs Get Fixed: An Empirical Study of Microsoft Windows - ICSE 2010

Codebook: Discovering and Exploiting Relationships in Software Repositories - ICSE 2010

Information Needs in Bug Reports: Improving Cooperation Between Developers and Users - CSCW 2010

Keeping Up With Your Friends: Function Foo, Library Bar.DLL, and Work Item 24 - Web2SE 2010

Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering - IEEE Software 2010

Searching for a Needle in a Haystack: Predicting Security Vulnerabilities for Windows Vista - ICST 2010

Security Trend Analysis with CVE Topic Models - ISSRE 2010

Social Media for Software Engineering - FoSER 2010

What Makes a Good Bug Report? - TSE 2010

WhoseIsThat: Finding Software Engineers with Codebook (Research Demonstration) - FSE 2010

Changes and Bugs – Mining and Predicting Development Activities (Doctoral Symposium) - ICSM 2009

Cross-project Defect Prediction - ESEC/FSE 2009

Expert Recommendation with Usage Expertise (Short Paper) - ICSM 2009

Frequently Asked Questions in Bug Reports - Technical Report

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Mining Software Archives - IEEE Software 2009

Improving Bug Tracking Systems - ICSE Companion 2009

Improving Bug Triage with Bug Tossing Graphs - ESEC/FSE 2009

Optimized Assignment of Developers for Fixing Bugs – An Initial Evaluation for Eclipse Projects (Short Paper) - ESEM 2009

Predicting Defects in SAP Java Code: An Experience Report - ICSE 2009

Predicting Defects with Program Dependencies (Short Paper) - ESEM 2009

The Beauty and the Beast: Vulnerabilities in Red Hat’s Packages - Technical Report

The Beauty and the Beast: Vulnerabilities in Red Hat’s Packages - USENIX 2009

Changes and Bugs – Mining and Predicting Development Activities - PhD Thesis

Do Crosscutting Concerns Cause Defects? - TSE 2008

Duplicate Bug Reports Considered Harmful… Really? - ICSM 2008

Explaining Product Release Planning Results using Concept Analysis - SEKE 2008

Extracting Structural Information from Bug Reports - MSR 2008

Mining Usage Expertise from Version Archives - MSR 2008

Predicting Bugs from History - Software Evolution

Predicting Defects using Network Analysis on Dependency Graphs - ICSE 2008

Predicting Software Metrics at Design Time - PROFES 2008

Towards the Next Generation of Bug Tracking Systems - VL/HCC 2008

What Makes a Good Bug Report? - FSE 2008

What Makes a Good Bug Report? (Revision 1.1) - Technical Report

Automatic Extraction of Bug Localization Benchmarks from History - Technical Report

Building Software Cost Estimation Models using Homogenous Data - ESEM 2007

Extraction of Bug Localization Benchmarks from History - ASE 2007

How Documentation Evolves Over Time - IWPSE 2007

How Long will it Take to Fix This Bug? - MSR 2007

Mining Workspace Updates in CVS - MSR 2007

Predicting Defects for Eclipse - Promise 2007

Predicting Effort to fix Software Bugs - WSR 2007

Predicting Faults from Cached History - ICSE 2007

Predicting Subsystem Defects using Dependency Graph Complexities - ISSRE 2007

Predicting Vulnerable Software Components - CCS 2007

Predicting Vulnerable Software Components - Technical Report

Quality of Bug Reports in Eclipse - eTX 2007

What Makes a Good Bug Report? - Technical Report

Aspect Mining for Large Systems (Poster) - OOPSLA Companion 2006

Aspect Mining for Large Systems (Tool Demonstration) - OOPSLA Companion 2006

Automatic Identification of Bug Introducing Changes - ASE 2006

HAM: Cross-Cutting Concerns in Eclipse - eTX 2006

How Design Predicts Failures - WSR 2006

Identifying Cross-Cutting Concerns from History - WSR 2006

If Your Bug Database Could Talk… (Short Paper) - ISESE 2006: Short Papers and Posters

Knowledge Collaboration by Mining Software Repositories - KCSD 2006

Mining Additions of Method Calls in ArgoUML (Mining Challenge) - MSR 2006

Mining Aspects from CVS Transactions using Concept Analysis - WSR 2006

Mining Aspects from Version History - ASE 2006

Mining Eclipse for Cross-Cutting Concerns - MSR 2006

Mining Version Archives for Co-changed Lines - MSR 2006

Predicting Component Failures at Design Time - ISESE 2006

Taking Lessons from History (Doctoral Symposium) - ICSE 2006

The Landscape of Concurrent Development - Technical Report

Was Software-Archive erzählen - SE 2006

Don’t Program on Fridays! How to Locate Fix-Inducing Changes - WSR 2005

Drawing Graphs within Graphs - JGAA 2005

DynaMine: Finding Common Error Patterns by Mining Software Revision Histories - ESEC/FSE 2005

eROSE: Guiding Programmers in Eclipse (Tool Demonstration) - OOPSLA Companion 2005

HATARI: Raising Risk Awareness (Research Demonstration) - ESEC/FSE 2005

Integrated Development with Eclipse 3.0 - Essential Open Source Toolset

Learning from Project History to Support Programmers - GI Jahrestagung 2005

Locating Matching Method Calls by Mining Revision History Data - Bugs 2005

Mining Version Histories to Guide Software Changes - TSE 2005

When do Changes Induce Fixes? - MSR 2005

Data Mining Version Histories - WSR 2004

Fast Data Mining For Programming Support - LWA 2004

Mining Version Archives to Guide Software Changes - Diploma Thesis

Mining Version Histories to Guide Software Changes - ICSE 2004

Preprocessing CVS Data for Fine-grained Analysis - MSR 2004

How History Justifies System Architecture (or Not) - IWPSE 2003

Visualizing Memory Graphs - Software Visualization 2001