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Jan 2021: Papers accepted at ICSE: “How Was Your Weekend? Software Development Teams Working From Home During COVID-19” (ICSE), “Leaving My Fingerprints: Motivations and Challenges of Contributing to OSS for Social Good” (ICSE), “Remote Onboarding Software Developers during a Pandemic” (ICSE SEIP), “Anomalicious: Automated Detection of Anomalous and Potentially Malicious Commits on GitHub” (ICSE SEIP), “Neural Knowledge Extraction From Cloud Service Incidents” (ICSE SEIP)

Nov 2020: I am honored to be recognized as IEEE Fellow for “contributions to data science in software engineering, research and practice.”

Apr 2020: I am honored to receive the IEEE CS TCSE New Direction Award with Ahmed E. Hassan (Queen’s University) for our contributions to establish the field of mining software repositories.

Apr 2020: Our ICST 2010 paper “Searching for a Needle in a Haystack: Predicting Security Vulnerabilities for Windows Vista” received the Most Influential Paper Award at ICST 2020.

Aug 2019: Our ESEC/FSE 2009 paper “Cross-project Defect Prediction: a Large Scale Experiment on Data vs. Domain vs. Process” received the Test of Time Award at ESEC/FSE 2019 in Tallin!

May 2019: Microsoft Research Podcast “The productive software engineer with Dr. Tom Zimmermann”


For my publications, please visit my DBLP entry or Google Scholar profile. For pre-prints, please visit ArXiv.org page. If you need copies of any of my papers, please send me an email! I am very happy to send you copies of my papers!


For a selected list of presentations, please visit my Speaker Deck profile (talks since 2014) or my SlideShare profile (talks until 2013).


I have co-edited several books, most recently Rethinking Productivity in Software Engineering, a free open access e-book (get the book on Amazon.com).

Rethinking Productivity in Software Engineering Perspectives on Data Science for Software Engineering The Art and Science of Analyzing Software Data Recommendation Systems in Software Engineering