Mining Eclipse for Cross-Cutting Concerns – MSR 2006

by Silvia Breu, Thomas Zimmermann, Christian Lindig

Software may contain functionality that does not align with its architecture. Such cross-cutting concerns do not exist from the beginning but emerge over time. By analysing where developers add code to a program, our history-based mining identifies cross-cutting concerns in a two-step process. First, we mine CVS archives for sets of methods where a call to a specific single method was added. In a second step, simple cross-cutting concerns are combined to complex cross-cutting concerns. To compute these efficiently, we apply formal concept analysis---an algebraic theory. Unlike approaches based on static or dynamic analysis, history-based mining for cross-cutting concerns scales to industrial-sized projects: For example, we identified a locking concern that cross-cuts 1284 methods in the open-source project ECLIPSE.

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Silvia Breu, Thomas Zimmermann, Christian Lindig. Mining Eclipse for Cross-Cutting Concerns. In Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2006), Shanghai, China, May 2006, pp. 94-97.

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