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Confessions of an Industrial Researcher: A Typical Bollywood Story – SER&IPs 2014


These are the slides for a keynote that I gave at the International Workshop on Software Engineering Research and Industrial Practices (SER&IPs).

There’s a guy. There’s a girl. In the beginning they don’t like each other. Then they fall in love but when they fall in love their families do not accept. In the end, how they unite is the story of many Bollywood movies. Research-practice partnerships are similar. How research and practice can overcome hurdles and join together is the topic of this talk.

At Microsoft Research I am in the fortunate position of being able to bridge two worlds. As part of my work, I collaborate with engineers from large-scale software projects at Microsoft as well as students and professors from universities all over the world. I will describe the collaboration model of the Empirical Software Engineering (ESE) group at Microsoft Research and share my experiences based on several successful collaborations over the past years. I will discuss best practices, challenges, common mistakes, and lessons learned based on several empirical studies related to refactoring, bug reporting, and analytics in general.