MSR 2016: International Conference on Mining Software Repositories – Austin, Texas, USA

Please submit to the 13th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2016), co-located with ICSE 2016 in Austin, Texas, USA. The submission deadline is January 29, 2016 (abstracts January 22; as always, please check the webpage for any extensions). I’m a member of the Program Committee for the technical track.

In addition to the technical track, MSR features a Data Showcase and a Mining Challenge (both with later deadlines in mid February).

Software repositories such as source control systems, archived communications between project personnel, and defect tracking systems are used to help manage the progress of software projects. Software practitioners and researchers are recognizing the benefits of mining this information to support the maintenance of software systems, improve software design/reuse, and empirically validate novel ideas and techniques. Research is now proceeding to uncover the ways in which mining these repositories can help to understand software development and software evolution, to support predictions about software development, and to exploit this knowledge in planning future development. The goal of this two-day international conference is to advance the science and practice of software engineering via the analysis of data stored in software repositories.

This year, we solicit three types of papers: research, practice, and data. As in previous MSR editions, there will be a Mining Challenge and a special issue of the best MSR papers published in the Empirical Software Engineering journal. For the research and practice papers, we especially encourage submissions that facilitate reproducibility and follow up research by publicly providing data sets and tools. Publicly providing reusable research artifacts (data or tools) is not mandatory, but will strengthen the reproducibility of the research, which is an explicit evaluation criterion.

MSR solicits Research Papers, Practice Papers, Data Papers, and Mining Challenge Report.