GAS 2016: International Workshop on Games and Software Engineering – Austin, Texas, USA

Please submit to the Fifth International Workshop on Games and Software Engineering (GAS 2016), a workshop in conjunction with ICSE 2016 in Austin, Texas, USA. The submission deadline is January 22, 2016 (as always, please check the webpage for any extensions). I’m a member of the Program Committee.

GAS 2016 explores issues that crosscut the software engineering and the game engineering communities. Modern games entail the development, integration, and balancing of software capabilities drawn from algorithm design and complexity, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer-supported cooperative work/play, database management systems, human-computer interaction and interface design, operating systems and resource/storage management, networking, programming/scripting language design and interpretation, performance monitoring, and more. Few other software system application arenas demand such technical mastery and integration skill. Yet game development is expected to rely on such mastery, and provide a game play experience that most users find satisfying, fun, and engaging. Computer games are thus an excellent domain for which to research and develop new ways and means for software engineering.