RSSE 2014: Workshop on Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering, co-located with ICSE 2014 – Hyderabad, India

Please consider submitting to the Fourth International Workshop on Recommendation Systems for Software Engineering, which will be co-located with the ICSE 2014 conference in Hyderabad, India. I am on the program committee of the workshop. Please submit your papers by January 24, 2014.

Recommendation systems for software engineers (RSSE) are tools that help developers and managers better cope with the huge amount of information they face in current software projects. RSSEs provide developers with information to help guide them through a number of activities (e.g., software navigation, debugging, refactoring), or to alert them of potential issues (e.g., conflicting changes, failure-inducing changes, duplicated functionality). Similarly, managers are able to focus on the information that is relevant to their decision making process (e.g., bug distribution when allocating resources).Recommendation systems can draw from a wide variety of input data and benefit from different types of analyses.

Although many recommendation systems have demonstrable usefulness and utility in software engineering, a number of questions remain to be discussed and investigated: What recommendations do developers and managers actually need? How can we evaluate recommendations? Are there fundamentally different kinds of recommenders? How can we integrate recommendations from different sources? How can we protect the privacy of developers? How can new recommendation systems leverage lessons from existing ones?

In this workshop, we will study advances in recommendation systems, with a special focus on demonstrations, evaluation, integration and usability.