Movie Recommendations for Researchers

As my Facebook friends will know, I love movies and travel frequently to film festivals (for pleasure, not for work). Here are three movies that I believe people in research will enjoy.

Jodorowsky’s Dune (official website) is a documentary about one of the greatest movie never made. It’s a great story about what matters most and how ultimately the influence that you have on people is one of the greatest contributions you can make. It’s a perfect movie if you love Science Fiction (Dune) or comic books (Moebius) but even if not you should watch it.
The release date in North America is March 7, 2014

The Unknown Known is a film in which Donald Rumsfeld discusses his career. I found it fascinating to learn about his “snowflakes” (memos) and what role information played in his decisions and actions. Believe it or not, Rumsfeld has several great quotes for empirical researchers.

Tim’s Vermeer (official website) is a documentary by Penn & Teller about the inventor Tim Jenison. To prove his theory that the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer used optical devices to create his realistic paintings, Tim decides to paint his own Vermeer… without ever having painted before. Great film about art and technology. A lot of fun to watch.

Bonus Film #1: Here’s another film recommendation about US politics.

Our Nixon (official website) is a film about the Nixon presidency based on Super 8 videos from top White House aides and (of course) the Nixon White House tapes. Great documentary!
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Bonus Film #2: Since all recommendations have been documentaries, here’s a narrative film in a research environment.

In Errors of the Human Body (official website) “a brilliant genetics researcher, is invited to a lab in Dresden, only to discover a lethal virus is being created” (plot according to Wikipedia.) A very suspenseful thriller! Great performances by Michael Eklund and Karoline Herfurth. One of my favorite films in 2012.
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