IEEE Software Special Issues on
Software Analytics

IEEE Software: Special Issue on Software Analytics: So What?

Tim Menzies and I guest edited a special issue of IEEE Software on software analytics. We received close to 30 submissions and accepted 8 papers. This was too many to place into one special issue so we divided the papers into two volumes:

  • Volume 1: “Software Analytics: So What?” (July/August 2013)
    IEEE CS Digital Library or
  • Volume 2: “The Many Faces of Software Analytics”
    (to appear in September/October 2013)

The accepted papers are shown below, along with their volume. Volume 1 also includes a roundtable discussion on what’s next in software analytics. Multimedia highlights include Paul Zikopoulos on Mining Big Data; Catherine Plaisant and Megan Monroe on Big Data Information Visualization, and Tim Menzies on Software Analytics: So What?

Thanks to everyone who contributed and reviewed for the special issue. Thanks to the production team of IEEE Software for their hard work in assembling and editing all these articles. Congratulations to all authors on their excellent work.

Please also mark your calendars for the Software Experts Summit 2013, presented by IEEE Software, with a focus on Smart Data Science: Harnessing Data for Intelligent Decision Making. Scheduled for 17 July at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington, speakers include James Whittaker of Microsoft, Paul Zikopoulos of IBM, Wolfram Schulte of Microsoft Research, Ayse Bener of Ryerson University, and Forrest Shull of the Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering.

VOLUME 1: “Software Analytics: So What?”

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Software Analytics: So What?
Menzies, Tim
Zimmermann, Thomas

Leveraging the Crowd: How 48,000 Users Helped Improve Lync Performance
Musson, Robert
Richards, Jacqueline
Fisher, Danyel
Bird, Christian
Bussone, Brian
Ganguly, Sandip

Developer Dashboards: The Need for Qualitative Analytics
Baysal, Olga
Holmes, Reid
Godfrey, Michael

Roundtable: What’s Next in Software Analytics
Hassan, Ahmed E.
Hindle, Abram
Runeson, Per
Shepperd, Martin
Devanbu, Prem
Kim, Sunghun

Searching under the Streetlight for Useful Software Analytics
Johnson, Philip M.

CODEMINE: Building a Software Development Data Analytics Platform at Microsoft
Czerwonka, Jacek
Nagappan, Nachiappan
Schulte, Wolfram
Murphy, Brendan

VOLUME 2: “The Many Faces of Software Analytics”

Software Analytics in Practice
Zhang, Dongmei
Han, Shi
Dang, Yingnong
Lou, Jian-Guang
Zhang, Haidong
Xie, Tao

Are software analytics efforts worthwhile for small and medium companies? The case of Amisoft
Robbes, Romain
Vidal, René
Bastarrica, Cecilia

Using software analytics to understand how companies interact in free software communities
Gonzalez-Barahona, Jesus
Izquierdo, Daniel
Maffulli, Stefano
Robles, Gregorio

A Retrospective Study of Software Analytics Projects: In-Depth Interviews with Practitioners
Tosun Misirli, Ayse
Caglayan, Bora
Bener, Ayse
Turhan, Burak