ICSE Workshop: Data Analysis Patterns in Software Engineering – Call for Papers (DAPSE)

Christian Bird, Tim Menzies and I are organizing an ICSE workshop on Data Analysis Patterns in Software Engineering. The goal of the workshop is to collect and compile a catalog of reusable data analyses (“patterns”) that can be applied to many different data types in software engineering. Think of design patterns for data science.

Please consider submitting your favorite analysis patterns. I know you have one! We solicit short 3-page papers that can be both archival and non-archival. The deadline for archival submissions is February 7, 2013. The workshop will be May 21, 2013. For more details, including illustrative examples of analysis patterns, please visit the DAPSE workshop web-page.

In addition to the workshop, we plan to edit a book on “Data Science for Software Engineers” to showcase some of the data analysis patterns. We will invite selected authors from the workshop to contribute chapters to this book.

Data scientists in software engineering seek insight in data collected from software projects to improve software development. The demand for data scientists with domain knowledge in software development is growing rapidly and there is already a shortage of such data scientists.

Data science is a skilled art with a steep learning curve. To shorten that learning curve, this workshop will collect best practices in form of data analysis patterns, that is, analyses of data that leads to meaningful conclusions and can be reused for comparable data. In the workshop we will compile a catalog of such patterns that will help both experienced and emerging data scientists to better communicate about data analysis. The workshop is intended for anyone interested in how to analyze data correctly and efficiently in a community accepted way.