Book: Recommendation Systems in Software Engineering – Call for Chapters

I am editing a book on “Recommendation Systems in Software Engineering“, together with Martin P. Robillard, McGill University (Canada), Walid Maalej, University of Hamburg (Germany), and Robert J. Walker, University of Calgary (Canada). The book will be published by Springer. Please consider contributing a chapter. The intent of submission is October 15, 2012.

Recommendation systems support decision making by helping their users navigate through large information spaces. Many activities in software engineering require searching, understanding, and managing large amounts of highly-technical and inter-related information.

With the growth of public and private data stores and the emergence of off-the-shelf data-mining technology, recommendations systems have emerged that specifically target the unique challenges of navigating software engineering data.

This book will collect state-of-the-art knowledge on the basic techniques required to mine software engineering data to produce recommendations, on the best way to apply these techniques effectively in various application domains, and on the approaches that can be employed to assess the value of recommendations in software engineering.

We invite proposals for chapters that synthesize existing knowledge on relevant background topics and application areas for recommendation systems. Chapters should be accessible to senior undergraduate students and graduate students with a background in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related disciplines. Chapters are not expected to correspond to the description of a single research project or technique. The proposed Table of Contents offers suggestions for target topics.

For more details, including proposed Table of Contents, please visit the RSSE Book webpage. For any inquiries please contact Martin Robillard.