Software Development Analytics at Microsoft

Last week, Chris Bird and I organized a session on software development analytics (watch) at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit.

Software development analytics takes this data and turns it into insight to inform better development decisions. Analytics is commonly used in many businesses—notably in marketing—to reach and understand customers better. The application of analytics to software development is becoming more popular. In this session, we present successful efforts from Microsoft and academia that turn software development data into actionable insight

We had fantastic speakers and the great news is that most talks have been recorded. Watch the recording for the following talks on software development analytics at Microsoft.

  • Ahmed Hassan: Software Quality – Moving Resarch To Practice (not recorded)
  • Robin Moeur: Software Engineering Productivity Tools (SWEPT)
  • Ranga Narasimhan: Engineering Analytics at Bing
  • Cameron Turner: Windows 8 Telemetry

Stay tuned for a special issue of IEEE Software on software analytics (submission deadline end of 2012) and a Dagstuhl seminar in 2014.