Best Wishes for 2012!

Thanks for an exciting 2011. Wishing everyone all the best for 2012!

The Wordle below shows what I’ve been up to this year in terms of papers and travel. Not surprisingly, there are two major words: “data” and “software”. Noteworthy papers are The Inductive Software Engineering Manifesto (with Tim Menzies et al.) and Failure is a Four-Letter Word, also known as the “IROP paper” (with Andreas Zeller and Chris Bird). I was very fortunate to work with many fantastic visitors and interns in the Empirical Software Engineering group at Microsoft Research over the past year. In Hawaii, I co-organized the Mining Software Repositories conference (with Tao Xie and Arie van Deursen). I got reappointed as adjunct assistant professor at University of Calgary and became affiliate faculty at University of Washington. I also rediscovered my love to anime and manga—in fact I am going to Anime Expo next year—and was very excited to see The Art of Collecting Bug Reports (with Rahul Premraj) to be translated for the Japanese edition of Making Software.

2011 in Papers and Travel

For next year watch out for papers on recent research on branches (with Chris Bird) and computer games (with Nachi Nagappan), as well as some other exciting topics. The year 2012 will also bring more travel: I will spend one month in Bangalore (MSR India). I will also make several trips to Austin for pleasure (SXSW, Fantastic Fest) and possibly work (CHI). And of course I will try to make it to ICSE.

2012 Preview