MALETS 2011: International Workshop on Machine Learning Technologies in Software Engineering. Lawrence, Kansas

Please consider submitting a paper to MALETS 2011 in Lawrence, Kansas, USA, November 12, 2011, in association with the 26th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering. The deadline for papers is August 26. (I am on the PC.)

Software engineering practitioners and researchers continue to face huge demands in the development and maintenance of software specifications, analysis and design. This is mainly driven by the increased complexity, dynamicity and volatility of software systems as they pose new challenges at each stage of the software engineering process. Adaptability, reliability and resilience are characteristics that software systems (from the systems-in-the-small to the system-in-the-large) must guarantee both at static and run-time level. Machine Learning (ML) techniques have, on the other hand, witnessed advances in methodologies, algorithms and tools, with emphasis on the development of efficient, more expressive and scalable systems. They have played a key role in performing complex tasks in various application domains, but their potential applications in the many fields of computer science including software engineering are still being unfold.

The MALETS workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform where new technologies in ML and their integration in the software engineering process are presented and discussed. The focus of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the areas of Software Engineering and ML to discuss existing issues, recent developments, applications, experience reports and novel ideas of application of ML in all aspects of Software Engineering.

For more information, visit the MALETS 2011 homepage.