Three Reasons for Submitting to MaRK’10 – International Workshop on Managing Requirements Knowledge

Third International Workshop on Managing Requirements Knowledge (MaRK’10)

I am on the PC of the MaRK workshop. The submission deadline is June 20. You can submit short papers (3-5 pages), full papers (6-10 pages), and posters and demo papers (1-2 pages).

MaRK’10 focuses on potentials and benefits of lightweight knowledge management approaches, such as ontologies, semantic Wikis, recommender systems and rationale management techniques, applied to requirements engineering. Novel ideas, emerging methodologies, frameworks and tools as well as industrial experiences for capturing, representing, sharing and reusing tacit knowledge in requirements engineering processes are discussed. Furthermore, the workshop will provide an interactive exchange platform between the knowledge management community, requirements engineering community and industrial practitioners.

There are three very good reasons why you should submit a paper (via the organizers, Walid Maalej, Anil Kumar Thurimella, Alexander Felfernig):

  1. MaRK’08 and MaRK’09 were both excellent for discussing emergent results, gathering valuable feedback, as well as getting new ideas and contacts from academia and industry.
  2. With app. 25% acceptance rate the publications are competitive and of high quality. You will get a detailed feedback from the renowned PC. If accepted your paper will be included and indexed in the IEEE Digital Library. For MaRK’10 we are also planning a special issue in an international journal.
  3. The venue this year is great. MaRK’10 is collocated with RE’10, which takes place in beautiful Sydney and has an excellent program as well as social functions in several wonderful places.