CASCON Workshop on Software Engineering 2.0 and Research 2.0

Call for virtual participation.

Software is BY and FOR people.

This fact has been neglected for too long as the terms “computer science” and “computer languages” testify. However, it should be clear now that collaboration between many stakeholders is one of the most important key factor in the success (or failure) of large software projects and complex software ecosystems. In this context, web 2.0 technologies provide new opportunities to share information between stakeholders, improve communications and build collaborative tools and processes. These technologies could also have a dramatic impact on how research is performed, leading to collaborative and social research, beyond the traditional separation between small research and big research. This workshop will explore the various facets of Software Engineering 2.0 and Research 2.0, considering not only collaborative tools, but also social aspects related to community engineering. The workshop will be physically held at toronto during IBM CASCON, the meeting of minds, today Nov 5th, but we anticipated on-line activities during and after the workshop through the workshop web 2.0 web site. You are cordially invited to join the network and to ask questions and discuss on-line with us.


“Software Engineering 2.0 and Research 2.0 – What/Why the hell is that?”
Jean-Marie Favre, Principal Scientist at One Tree Technologies – University of Grenoble, LIG, Aconit

“Notification Design Research in Jazz”
Jin Li, User Experience Lead, IBM, Canada

“Personal Information Management for Software Engineering Researchers”
Dragan Gaševi?, Athabasca University, Canada

“Integrative Collaborative Research”
Joanna Ng, Head of Research, IBM CAS Canada

“Socialization of Software”
Grady Booch, IBM Chief Scientist, USA

“The future of Software Engineering 2.0 and Research 2.0”
Fishbowl panel – Every body is invited to participate (in flesh or online!)

Do not hesitate to join the research community. It’s fun and free. Go to: community tab. But please give your REAL IDENTITY and upload your portrait. This social network is for professional use only.

May the fun be with you and looking forward to meet you in flesh or on-line.

Jean-marie on behalf of the SER2009 organizing committee

Organizing Committee

Denis Avrilionis, OneTree Technologies, Luxembourg
Grady Booch, IBM Research, USA
Jean-Marie Favre, OneTree Technologies, Univ. of Grenoble, LIG, ACONIT, Luxembourg/France
Hausi Müller, University of Victoria, Canada,