ICSE 2009 Post-Conference

Predicting Defects in SAP Java Code: An Experience Report (with Tilman Holschuh, Markus Päuser, Kim Herzig, Rahul Premraj, Andreas Zeller).
In a study on a large SAP Java system, we evaluated and compared a number of defect predictors, based on code features such as complexity metrics, static error detectors, change frequency, or component imports.
Software Engineering in Practice Track.

Tilman’s presentation

Improving Bug Tracking Systems (with Rahul Premraj, Jonathan Sillito, and Silvia Breu). We present a prototype of an interactive bug tracking system that gathers relevant information from users and automatically identifies files that need to be fixed to resolve a bug.
New Ideas and Emerging Results Track.

Silvia’s poster
Rahul’s presentation

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