2008 in Review: Most Popular Publications

Far ahead of the pack:

  1. What Makes a Good Bug Report? – FSE 2008
    Based on a survey of 466 developers and users, the paper reveals an information mismatch between what developers need and what users supply in bug reports. The paper is definitely one of my favorites for 2008 and also won an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award.
    Fun fact: Google or Live search for “FSE 2008” and the paper appears on the first page. 🙂


  1. Duplicate Bug Reports Considered Harmful… Really? – ICSM 2008
    Duplicate bug reports often contain additional information that is not included in the original bug report. In this paper we quantified this extra information.
  2. Towards the Next Generation of Bug Tracking Systems – VL/HCC 2008
    This paper discusses frequent problems with bug reporting and present ideas on how to build better bug tracking systems.
  3. Predicting Defects in SAP Java Code – ICSE 2009 SEIP
    Technically not published until 2009, but many people search for papers accepted to ICSE since the program is not yet online. In this paper, we replicated several studies on defect prediction in SAP code and describe our experiences.