Tag Clouds and Shuffle Effect in Apple Keynote

Lately, I have been using and shuffling tag clouds a lot in my presentations. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating this effect, followed by instructions on how to create the effect in Apple Keynote. Click here to download the source Keynote file.

Create a tag cloud.

  1. Open Safari. Do not use Firefox because it does not preserve formatting when copy-pasting text.
  2. Go to tagcrowd.com.
  3. Follow the instructions to create a tag cloud. The more frequent a word in your text, the larger it will be in the tag cloud.
  4. Copy the resulting tag cloud in Safari. Paste the text onto an empty slide in Apple Keynote.
  5. In Keynote, select the tag cloud and change the font to “Haettenschweiler”.
  6. To change the font size, select the tag cloud and use the shortcuts Command-plus sign (+) or Command-minus sign (-). This will preserve the size proportions between words.
  7. In some cases, you will need to adjust the line spacing to make the tag cloud look nice. Open the inspector, go to the Text tab and change the Line Spacing from “At Least” to “Multiple”. Then increase/decrease the factor as needed.
  8. Congratulations, you have created your first tag cloud in Keynote.

Shuffle two tag clouds.

  1. Place both tag clouds on the same slide so that they overlap each other. The basic idea is to make one tag cloud disappear, while the other one appears.
  2. For the disappearing tag cloud, go to Build Out in the inspector. Choose “Dissolve by Word” as Effect, “Random” as Direction, and “All at Once” as Delivery. I usually go with 2.00 seconds as Duration
  3. For the appearing tag cloud, go to Build In in the inspector and use the same settings as above (“Dissolve by Word”, “Random”, “All at Once”, same duration).
  4. Click on More Options and choose “Automatically with build N” as Start Build for the appearing tag cloud. N should be the number of the build which makes the first tag cloud disappear (in Step 2).
  5. Congratulations, the first cloud should now shuffle into the second cloud.